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Summer has officially begun here in Boston.  Okay, maybe not the official, scientific summer, but summer nonetheless.  I’ve been out of school for a month (wow) and won’t be going back until September (wow again).  I’m currently semi-employed, doing at-home work online.  It pays very little, but I actually enjoy it and it gives me time to show our visitors around the city and look for more permanent work.  I’m thinking of doing some revisions on some papers I’ve written and seeing where they can take me.  I’ve been doing a lot of independent research, too.  I’m very much a student.  I love being in school.

Being away from school has given me time to think about the differences between Boston and Kansas.  I absolutely love Boston.  I think moving here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  But, in saying that, there are some things I miss about Kansas.  I’ve decided to detail those things here.

Things I Miss About Kansas (not including people, because that stuff never ends well):

  • Air conditioning.  The weather here has been just as hot as, and even more humid than, the weather in KS so far this summer.  Unlike KS, you aren’t guaranteed AC everywhere you go.  (We did get a window unit for our place, but it only cools the living room.  Sleep is not easy in a hot apartment!)
See this?  We sure don't around here!

See this? We sure don't around here!

  • Garage sales.  There aren’t garage sales, yard sales, or any other kind of out-of-the-home sales here (excluding things like AdvoCare and Avon, of course).  Most apartments don’t allow them.  Though I love Craigslist, there just is no substitute for wandering around a stranger’s front yard and rifling through their stuff.

This is totally me at garage sales. Except I don't own yellow pants.

  • Driving.  Well, not ME driving.  I hate driving.  But, having the option to drive whenever and wherever you want and not having to wait for the T or the bus (which often don’t have the aforementioned air conditioning) in the heat and/or pouring rain would be nice sometimes.

That's me driving my old car, Zinna. She belongs to my friend, Laura, now.

  • Food.  Yes, we do have food in Boston, but it’s never greasy and very rarely contains beef.  Even when it’s a beef dish.  And it is almost never spicy.  Even when we go to places that they warn us against their spicy food, it’s hardly ever spicy.  **The only exception is Punjab Palace.  It’s the best Indian food that I’ve had in a restaurant (though it’s nothing compared to Shevy and her mom’s cooking, of course) AND it’s actually spicy.  Kick you in the face spicy.  Make you cry like a little girl spicy.  And it’s awesome.  (For you non-spicy people, they have really good mild and spicy-free stuff, too!)

I don't think I've seen anything like these here.

  • Quiet.  Now, I love the noise of the city when I am in the city.  But, I live outside the city…and, if anything, it’s noisier here!  Neighbors who are DJs, a rock music bar behind us, the clattering carts of the bottle collectors–the noise never stops.  Kansas is sooo quiet.  Though I think this city has a nicer rhythm to it, I’d like to be able to escape the noise once in awhile.

Of course, haunted houses are quiet too. Until they're not. Then you're in trouble.

Of course, I don’t spend my time missing Kansas.  Once in awhile, these thoughts will pop up…but, generally, I love where I am.  Boston is great, especially in the summertime.  It is quieter than it was during the school year.  I have more time to find food places.  The public transportation (at least in my area) isn’t as crazy, so I don’t miss driving as much.  As far as garage sales and AC goes…well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until I’m rich and famous to afford such luxuries!


Free time…finally

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I haven’t had a moment to myself in weeks.  Well, plenty of moments to myself, but they were all spent in homework hell.  However, I have survived my first year of graduate school and came out swinging.

I’m looking for a summer job.

I’m looking for new Bostony things to do.

I’m trying to avoid the memory of creepy elmo.  Because he was really creepy.  Seriously, nightmares.

New York, New York

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We spent this past weekend in NYC.

Scott and I got to our hotel a bit early, so we decided to walk through Central Park on our way to meet Kate and Hadrien.

We saw a “lake” that was frozen over.  It’s really a big pond, but I think in northeastern terms, it’s probably actually a lake.  Things are smaller here.

On the lake, there were birds.  They were standing on one foot.  We were discussing that, and we realized that a couple of them were standing on two feet.  I wonder if they get made fun of by the other birds.

I wonder if birds feel holy when they walk on the water…or of they just think “damn, my feet are cold.”

Nearing the end of our Central Park trek, we passed the now-defunct Tavern on the Green.  It was very sad.  It’s still a beautiful place, surrounded by these horrible trucks.

We got to Times Square.  I’ve been to NY twice before, but I had never been here, so I was super excited.

It’s really not that thrilling in the grand scheme of things, but I really enjoyed it…in large part because of the slightly-off characters that were walking around!

Would the plural of their last name be "The Mouses" or "The Mice?"

Something is just not right with that Elmo.  And, if you could see Mickey and Minnie up close, something wasn’t quite right there.  It wasn’t really possible to tell why they were out there, either.  (There were also Spongebobs, Cookie Monsters, etc.)  They didn’t hand anything out, they were just…there.

The best character we ran into was a NYC Staple.  Naked Cowboy was there.  Naked.  Cowboy.

We ended up at the Met.  It’s a lot bigger than it looks.

And there was a lot of cool art in there.  But, there was also some pretty cool art at this place called Vynl.  It’s a music themed diner, with a Cher themed bathroom.

Cher.  Themed.  Bathroom.

That was almost as cool as what happened next:

And not as cool as what happened after In the Heights.

Gray’s Freakin Papaya.  The best hot dog on earth.  Better than the $15 food anywhere else that we ate, and only $4.50.

I wish there was more to share, but I pulled a Sarah and my stupid back gave out on me again.  I ended up lounging for a good deal of the trip.  That’s okay, though.  Boston is only 4 hours away from NYC.

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So, this is strange…I promise November was NOT the last time I updated.  I’ve updated since then.  And, apparently the interwebs ate my posts.  Sorry for the lack of prolific-ness.  I assure you that it was accidental.  Or maybe it wasn’t, and the internet gods are out to get me.

Anyway, a new semester has begun, and with that a new set of challenges.  Balancing a much more difficult class load, work, and home life.  People in and out of town over the next few months.  The cold.  And the cold.

I hate winter.

No new adventures have been had of late, but Scott and I am going to NYC this weekend.  I’m going to be seeing Kate, Hadrien, and Corbin Bleu.  Only two of those three will be hanging out with me, and I’ll leave that up to you to guess which two those are.

I promise more prolific posting in the upcoming months!  Assuming the internet allows it, of course…


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Monday, I went to Cambridge.  I got lost in Cambridge.  Three times.  If you’re going to get lost, Cambridge is a perfectly lovely place to do it.  There are all of the Harvard smarties, some unique shops and restaurants, and a lot of history.

None of this matters if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes and have someplace to be.

As part of this trek, I discovered the miracle of buses.  They just…show up.  They are like gifts out of the heavens (if they heavens were loud and full of honking and fumes).  I finally managed to get to a bus stop…not even sure it was the one I needed to be at…and the very first bus to show up was the bus to take me home.

I’ve taken the bus more since then than I have since I first moved here.  I was a dedicated T user.  Those maps made sense to me.  Bus maps did not.  They still don’t.  I’m the obnoxious person on the bus who hits the “Stop Request” button at the last stop of the bus.  But, I have come to realize that buses always have at least one stop near a T entrance.  So, even if I have no idea where I am, I can go to the T and figure things out.

Now, if only the T would run on time…


**I realize I haven’t had a real update in awhile.  Grad school, work, and a show have left me super stressed and lacking in time to update.  The show goes up this weekend, so hopefully things will clear up.**

Two Weeks In

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I have been in Boston for two weeks today.

The Trip
As I may have mentioned before, I flew here with Isabelle, my cat.  I do not recommend flying with a cat.  She did wonderfully–only a little bit of crying–but you can’t take them out of their carriers, so she had to go all day without food, water, or a litter box.  She didn’t have an “accident” or anything, but she was so upset and dehydrated when we arrived home that I felt awful.  She’s adjusting very well, and other than her attitude when we got home, the trip went surprisingly smoothly.  Both flights were early, and I only ended up sitting by one talker.  If you know me, you know I am not much of a talker on planes.  I think that “Stranger Danger” thing stuck with me a little too much!

The Apartment
The apartment is small, but not as small as I remembered.  The boys set up the furniture better than the last occupants did, so there seems to be more room.  They also put in a new, electric stove, which is wonderful–gas ones and I do not get along.  The tile on the floor is broken, but we hope to be getting that fixed soon.  We are nearly unpacked, but do not have the loft bed put up yet, so Scott and I are on a mattress on the floor for the time being.

The Job
Yes, I got a job!  I actually scored it only a few days after arriving here, which is awesome.  I’ll be working at a local, equity theatre in the box office.  I start tomorrow and am very excited about it!  It sounds like I’ve had better luck than many of my peers–few jobs, lot of applications–so my best wishes are going out to all of them.

We haven’t gotten to do a whole lot of exploring yet, what with the unpacking and the guys having to work nearly full-time (which is great).  But, we did make it up to the North End, which is the Italian area of Boston, last weekend, as well as to Faneuil Hall.  We’re hoping to make it to the MIT Museum and Fenway this weekend, but that all depends on how much work we get done and if I can wake up after my first night of work.

If you come here and find your way to the North End, check out Bova’s Bakery.  Awesome food and good people!

Bova's Bakery

As part of my orientation, I got to go on a trolley tour of the whole town.  It gave me  few good ideas for stuff to do, but not much memorable historical information (though, I did learn that Paul Revere had two wives, and eight kids with each!).  I’m hoping to get around to more historical stuff eventually.

Unique Experiences
Ben Affleck is in town.  A couple of girls I met at orientation and I decided to go look for him at what we thought was a film shoot.  Instead, we happened upon a Visa commercial shoot.  Though it wasn’t full of famous people, it was actually fascinating to see the process of a commercial being shot.  It was actually going to take 200 actors, a few dozen techies, and four days to shoot!

Oh, and Scott saw Ben Affleck and talked to Drew Barrymore.  But, those are really his stories, not mine.  🙂

I started class this past Monday.  I am two courses, both taught by the same professor.  She wears long skirts, is barefoot, and possesses a magnet that reads “Everything is funnier with the word ‘f*ck’ in it.”  (Though, I’m sure her f-bomb is spelled out.  I’m just trying to remain user-friendly here!)  She also doesn’t believe in work for the sake of work, when you could be doing active learning.  I think I’m going to like it here.

A Brief Update

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My apologies to Hadrien, for my lack of updating.  I hope this post will clear me of my need to give you a refund!

We move in less than two weeks.  So, we’re trying to do about a million things at once right now.

1. See everyone.  Yes, everyone.  In the world.

2. Make sure everything is cleaned and packed, except for things we have to keep out.

3. Figure out how the hell we’re going to move across the country with a cat who will have no litter box access in the car.

4. Get all of my last-minute Emerson stuff done!

So, there won’t be another update until after the move.  My greatest apologies in advance.
But, I am going to answer a few more questions about KS, brought up by the lovely Kate.

1. Do you kill, skin and eat your own food? Only when whatever it was when alive makes me really, really mad.

2. Are you puritanical hypocrites? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I sure am!  Actually, questions involving puritanical tendencies really bother me, because people often don’t know much about puritans.  For instance, did you know that puritans allowed premarital sex, providing the couple was betrothed?  But, I digress.  We are a conservative state.  Most people here are Christians.  We did ban gay marriage and voted for Bush.  But, if you look at the actual numbers, you will see that not every Kansan voted conservatively.  And, not every Kansan is Christian.  I think that answers that.

3. Are all Kansans republicans?  I’m not.  So, even if every other person in Kansas is, I can say that not all Kansans are Republicans, simply because I am not.  (I’m unaffiliated, if you’re curious.  I vote, but I don’t vote party line for either side.)  But, I happen to know that I am not the only non-Republican in Kansas.  There are people from all parties here, just like in every other state (except, perhaps, Illinois).

Well, that’s all for today!  Need to get some stuff done for the move.  See you in a few weeks!